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Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Pneumonia

Pneumonia And Its Home Remedies4 Minutes

How to Get Rid of Pneumonia Naturally – Home Remedies

With the onset of winters and an increase in air pollution, the risk of various health issues is also rising. Pneumonia is one such disease that takes a serious toll on peoples health during this season. The condition affects your lungs and can go from mild to life-threatening if not treated well in time. Thus, if you or any of your loved ones experience pneumonia symptoms, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Along with the doctors help, you can also manage pneumonia symptoms at home. In this article, we have shared some of the best and doctor-tested home remedies for pneumonia. But before that, lets unveil a bit more about this lung infection and its symptoms. Read on:

What is pneumonia?

Pneumonia is a is an infection that inflames the air sacs in one or both lungs. The air sacs may fill with fluid or pus . This can happen due to a variety of organisms such as bacteria, viruses, or fungi. It can also develop due to other illnesses such as flu, Covid-19, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Pneumonia affects people of all ages and gender but it can seriously impact infants, young children, and adults above 65 years. It also highly affects people who have a weak immune system or have health issues such as asthma.

Symptoms of Pneumonia

The most common signs and symptoms a person with pneumonia can experience are:

  • coughing
  • fatigue and muscle pain
  • a headache caused by persistent coughing

Home Remedies For Pneumonia

Home remedies for cough

Home remedies for fever

Say Bye To Cough To Get Rid Of Pneumonia At Home

Getting rid of cough will give you relief. Once the cough is out of the body and respiratory path are clear it allows to breath properly. This is how to get rid of pneumonia at home. There are many methods by which you can say bye to cough.

  • Ginger juice: it helps to reduce the cough. Take this juice 4 to 5 times a day.
  • Turmeric with milk: turmeric is the best natural way to treat the cough. Boil the milk mix ½ spoon of turmeric powder and 1 spoon of sugar. Put on medium flame for 2 minutes, switch off the gas and pour it in a glass. Drink it like a tea.
  • Warm water: drink lukewarm water when you feel thirsty that will help you to vanish the cough within 2 to 3 days. It will also give relief to your throat pain because of the cough.
  • Do not have any cough syrup: its highly advisable that avoid taking cough syrup because it compress the cough inside the body, instead cough or sneeze loudly to bring out the cough from the body.
  • Steam inhalation: it the best way to get rid of cough instantly. Take hot water in a wide open container, put few drops of mint oil. Cover the container with a towel for 1 minute and get inside the towel to take the steam.
  • Avoid intake of food item that causes the production of cough further. Chilled item like water, ice-cream, can worse the situations.

When To Call The Doctor

You should call your childs doctor if your child:

  • Has trouble breathing or is breathing much faster than usual
  • Has a bluish or gray color to the fingernails or lips
  • Is older than 6 months and has a fever over 102°F
  • Is younger than 6 months and has a temperature over 100.4°F.
  • Has a fever for more than a few days after taking antibiotics

When your child should stay home and return to school or childcare

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When Would I Need To Be Hospitalized For Pneumonia

If your case of pneumonia is more severe, you may need tostay in the hospital for treatment. Hospital treatments may include:

  • Oxygen
  • Fluids, antibiotics and other medicines given through an IV
  • Breathing treatments and exercises to help loosen mucus

People most likely to be hospitalized are those who are most frail and/or at increased risk, including:

  • Babies and young children
  • People with weakened immune systems
  • People with health conditions that affect the heart and lungs

It may take six to eight weeks to return to a normal level of functioning and well-being if youve been hospitalized with pneumonia.

Are Vaccines Available To Prevent Pneumonia

This homemade recipe works as a real antibiotic for ...

Yes, there are two types of vaccines specifically approved to prevent pneumonia caused by pneumococcal bacteria. Similar to a flu shot, these vaccines wont protect against all types of pneumonia, but if you do come down with pneumonia, its less likely to be as severe or potentially life-threatening especially for people who are at increased risk for pneumonia.

  • Bacterial pneumonia: Two pneumonia vaccines, Pneumovax23® and Prevnar13®, protect against the most common causes of bacterial pneumonia.
  • Pneumovax23® protects against 23 different types of pneumococcal bacteria. It is recommended for all adults 65 years of age and older and children over 2 years of age who are at increased risk for pneumonia.
  • Prevnar13® protects against 13 types of pneumonia bacteria. It is recommended for all adults 65 years of age and older and children under 2 years of age. Ask your healthcare provider about these vaccines.
  • Viral pneumonia: Get a flu vaccine once every year. Flu vaccines are prepared to protect against that years virus strain. Having the flu can make it easier to get bacterial pneumonia.
  • If you have children, ask their doctor about other vaccines they should get. Several childhood vaccines help prevent infections caused by the bacteria and viruses that can lead to pneumonia.

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    Cayenne Pepper To Treat Pneumonia

    Cayenne pepper helps to control the release of mucus in respiratory passage and hence it is a best amongst all home remedies for pneumonia. This is one of the best home remedy for pneumonia because it will clear the respiratory system and it will allow to breath properly. Once the respiratory system starts working properly, the infection can be cured very easily.

    Some Dos and Dont, Pneumonia Patient Should Know

    • Take rest as much as you can
    • Drink plenty of water this will reduce fungal infection in the respiratory system.
    • Include diet, which is rich in vitamin A and C
    • Take care about your hygiene, wash your hand before the meal this will protect you from further infection.
    • Always cover your mouth while you snooze, it can be spread.
    • Do not intake any cough syrup because this does not allow the mucus to out of the body. Do not have anything, instead cough and sneeze loudly so that all the cough comes out of the chest.
    • Do not smoke when you are suffering from pneumonia.
    • Do not take chilled items like chilled water, ice-creams. It will produce more cough.
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    Honey And Ginger Juice To Treat Pneumonia

    Honey is the best natural home remedy for pneumonia because it has an antibacterial agent and is very helpful in enhancing the immune system. Ginger with its bitter and spicy flavor will help to remove mucus from the respiratory system. Once cough and the fungal infection are cured, you are rid of pneumonia. Take 1 teaspoon of honey mix it with a spoon of ginger juice or graded ginger. Have it 4 times a day. Specially before going to bed. This will help you to get rid of cough and bacterial infection within a week.

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    Gargle To Cure Pneumonia

    This practice can be done from day 1 to till it last. Gargle with a lukewarm glass of water mixed with 1 teaspoon of salt for 4-5 times a day. This will help you to get rid of throat pain, bacterial infection and also it will give a relief from cough. It is so effective in the early days, that it can cure the problem in a week.

    These 3 Natural Home Remedies Are Powerful Ingredients That Can Help You Recover Quickly From Pneumonia

    3 Simple Home Remedies For PNEUMONIA TREATMENT

    Written by Upneet Pansare | Updated : November 15, 2018 11:09 AM IST

    Pneumonia refers to an inflammatory condition that primarily affects our lungs and specifically, the alveoli . Pneumonia may lead alveoli to get filled with fluid or pus. Some of the symptoms of pneumonia include with phlegm or pus, high fever, chills and breathing difficulties. Pneumonia is commonly caused due to a viral or bacterial infection. You can try few home remedies to prevent the augmentation of pneumonia, however, in serious condition do not treat this disease on your own. These natural remedies by Dr Partap Chauhan, director, Jiva Ayurveda are safe and will not require you to get anything thatâs not already available in your kitchen!


    Fenugreek is used in the treatment of many diseases like fever, asthma, cough, congestion etc. This effective remedy is extensively used in India for mucous congestion. You can prepare fenugreek tea by boiling a teaspoon of fenugreek in 500ml water and then add a few drops of honey in it. It can give you great relief in pneumonia or any congestion problem.

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    Natural Home Remedies For Pneumonia Symptoms In Adults

    Pneumonia is commonly known as a respiratory condition which characterized by the inflammation in your lungs which are affected due to a bacterial, parasitical, viral, or fungal infections. In other cases, this condition is also caused by the inhalation of some certain toxic chemicals and the consumption of the unhealthy and contaminated foods. Some common symptoms of pneumonia are a cough, shaking chills, fever, and shortness of breath. In addition, a headache, fatigue, sweating, loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, chest pain, and muscle pain when coughing or breathing deeply are also other symptoms of this condition. Older adults who are suffering from pneumonia may also experience delirium or confusion.

    In the framework of this writing, will introduce to you the best natural home remedies for pneumonia symptoms in adults without any side effect. These home remedies are collected completely & carefully from reliable sources. However, it is not intended to give medical advice and it is solely for the informational purpose. Continue reading this article to understand more!

    Note: You must consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis and the treatment of this condition. You should just use these home remedies for pneumonia as an adjunct treatment.

    Questions To Ask Your Doctor

    • I have a chronic condition. Am I at higher risk for pneumonia?
    • Do I have bacterial, viral, or fungal pneumonia? Whats the best treatment?
    • Am I contagious?
    • How serious is my pneumonia? Will I need to be hospitalized?
    • What can I do at home to help relieve my symptoms?
    • What are the possible complications of pneumonia? How will I know if Im developing complications?
    • What should I do if my symptoms dont respond to treatment or get worse?
    • Do we need to schedule a follow-up exam?
    • Do I need any vaccines?

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    Eucalyptus And Tea Tree Oil Chest Rub And Heat Pack

    Mix 20 drops of either Eucalyptus or tea tree oil with 1 tablespoon of any carrier oil. Rub it on your chest at night before going to sleep. You can adjust the quantity of the oils if you want to make more quantities of the chest rub.

    • To make a heat pack, heat an oven at low temperature. Moisten a cotton cloth with any carrier oil and place it in the oven to warm it up. Once it is warm enough remove from oven and pour on the cloth a few drops of either eucalyptus or tea tree oil. With gentle hands, rub the cloth, so the oils are distributed equally on the entire cloth. Now place the cloth on your chest as you lie down flat on your back. Put a hot water bag on top of the cloth and stay in this position for a minimum of half an hour. Repeat 2-3 times in a day for better results.

    How Is Bacterial Pneumonia Treated

    11 Home Remedies for Pneumonia in Children

    Bacterial pneumonia can be treated with antibiotics, which usually help people feel better within a few days to a week.

    People who are very old, very young, have shortness of breath, or have a high fever may need to be admitted to the hospital for intravenous antibiotics. If you need to go to the hospital, your doctor may do cultures from sputum or blood tests to identify and target the exact bacteria.

    People with more severe cases of bacterial pneumonia may be treated with oxygen, intravenous fluids, and breathing treatments to ease symptoms.

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    What Can I Do At Home To Feel Better

    In addition to taking any antibiotics and/or medicine your doctor prescribes, you should also:

    • Get lots of rest. Rest will help your body fight the infection.
    • Drink plenty of fluids. Fluids will keep you hydrated. They can help loosen the mucus in your lungs. Try water, warm tea, and clear soups.
    • Stop smoking if you smoke and avoid secondhand smoke. Smoke can make your symptoms worse. Smoking also increases your risk of developing pneumonia and other lung problems in the future. You should also avoid lit fireplaces or other areas where the air may not be clean.
    • Stay home from school or work until your symptoms go away. This usually means waiting until your fever breaks and you arent coughing up mucus. Ask your doctor when its okay for you to return to school or work.
    • Use a cool-mist humidifier or take a warm bath. This will help clear your lungs and make it easier for you to breathe.

    Ginger Or Turmeric Tea

    A persistent cough can result in chest pain. Drinking warm tea made with fresh ginger or turmeric root may help reduce this pain.

    The roots of both of these plants can have a natural anti-inflammatory effect in the body.

    Chop up a thumb sized piece of either root and boil it in a pint or so of water. If a person prefers strong tea, they can boil it for longer or add more of the root. If the flavor is too sharp, they can try adding a spoonful of honey.

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    Garlic Onion Lemon Honey Coconut Oil And Lavender Oil

    Garlic kills the viruses, parasites, and bacteria that cause pneumonia. It has allicin, an antiviral and antibacterial agent, which helps to strengthen your immune system to fight against the illness. In addition, it can also reduce phlegm in your lungs. You can eat raw garlic, use it to season the food, or follow the ways below.

    Here are 7 useful ways on how to get rid of pneumonia naturally and fast at home.

    Way 1: Garlic juice, lemon juice, and honey


    • Honey 1 teaspoon


    • Firstly, you crush a garlic clove by using a press to take 1 teaspoon of its juice.
    • Then, you mix this juice with lemon juice and honey.
    • Now, you consume 1 teaspoon of the mixture to relieve pneumonia and its pain.
    • You should have this mixture for about 3 times per day on the daily basis.

    Way 2: Garlic

    • At first, you crush these garlic cloves to take a paste.
    • Then, you massage this paste into your chest for about 5 minutes.
    • It clears your respiratory tract.
    • You should repeat this way daily.

    Way 3: Garlic cloves and lavender oil


    • Firstly, you grind these garlic cloves by using a blender to make a thin paste.
    • Then, you add lavender oil into it and blend them again.
    • Next, you massage this paste into your chest for about 5 minutes.
    • Now, you let it absorb into your skin.
    • You should repeat this way for about 5 times per day on the daily basis.

    Home Remedies For The Treatment Of Pneumonia

    Home remedies for treating pneumonia (symptoms).

    Pneumonia is an extremely common disease that millions suffer from every year. It is a respiratory disease caused by an infection to one or both the lungs. There can be many causes for this ailment like bacteria, virus and fungi, and if left untreated, it can put your health in serious danger. You may experience symptoms like cough, fatigue, chest pain, loss of appetite, headache, fever, and inflammation in the lungs, etc. But with proper medical treatment, the disease is curable. However, some home remedies to get rid of pneumonia are also available. It takes 2-3 weeks to cure pneumonia at home.

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    Pneumonia: What Is This Condition

    Pneumonia is actually a microbial infection, which may affect one or both of the lungs. This condition is very infectious and has the potential in making you very sick by inflaming the lungs. The lungs will be filled with phlegm or fluid. The most common to develop this illness are those with flu or cold since their lungs are in a weak state.

    When you are suffering from pneumonia, one of the most frightening sensation could be the inability to breathe properly. Primarily, the reason for the condition is when the alveoli or the sac, on which the air exchanges has an inflammation.

    The condition is classified into various types, based on what kind of germ caused it, and where & how it was acquired.

    Based On How It Was Acquired

    • Aspiration Pneumonia: If you happen to develop pneumonia by inhaling bacteria from foods, drinks or saliva, it is called aspiration pneumonia. This type usually occurs when the infected individual has difficulty in swallowing.
    • Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia: Individuals using a ventilator can also develop pneumonia.

    Now that you are familiar with the types of pneumonia, understanding its causes is a lot easier.

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