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Can Vaping Give You Pneumonia

How Bad Can The Side Effects Of Vaping Be

Can Vaping MCT Oil Give You Lipoid Pneumonia?

Consumer health news service Healthline says vaping can have adverse effects on the heart, lungs, and cells.

When it comes to the heart, research has shown e-liquid aerosols contain particulates including nicotine that, when inhaled, likely affect the heart and circulatory system, Healthline says. And the National Academies Press, or NAP, discovered in a 2018 study that there is significant evidence that taking a puff from a nicotine e-cigarette triggers an increase in heart rate.

The NAP team also found moderate evidence that vaping increases blood pressure, which also can impact heart health over time.

An article published in 2018 by the American Journal of Preventative Medicine, and cited in the Healthline report, concluded that daily vaping is associated with an increased risk of heart attack, even when other lifestyle factors are taken into consideration.

More research is being conducted into the relationship between vaping and lung damage, much of it spurred by reports of patients seeking treatment from medical professionals.

According to Healthline, the 2018 study measured the lung function of 10 people who had never smoked cigarettes immediately after vaping fluids with or without nicotine. The results showed that both kinds of vaping disrupted normal lung function in otherwise healthy people.

Whats The Outlook For People Who Have Vaping

Vaping-related popcorn lung is rare. The outlook for popcorn lung depends on how quickly it is diagnosed and treated. The scarring in your lungs is permanent, but the earlier its identified and treated, the better the outcome.

Treatments like steroid medication and inhalers often reduce symptoms quickly, but they cant reverse the scarring in your lungs. The best way to prevent further lung damage is to stop vaping.

The Mysterious Vaping Illness Thats Becoming An Epidemic

A surge of severe lung ailments has baffled doctors and public health experts.

An X-ray of a patient with a vaping habit, showing lung damage densities or whitish cloud-like areas typically associated with some pneumonias, fluid in the lungs or inflammation.Credit…Intermountain Healthcare

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By Sheila Kaplan and Matt Richtel

An 18-year-old showed up in a Long Island emergency room, gasping for breath, vomiting and dizzy. When a doctor asked if the teenager had been vaping, he said no.

The patients older brother, a police officer, was suspicious. He rummaged through the youths room and found hidden vials of marijuana for vaping.

I dont know where he purchased it. He doesnt know, said Dr. Melodi Pirzada, chief pediatric pulmonologist at NYU Winthrop Hospital in Mineola, N.Y., who treated the young man. Luckily, he survived.

Dr. Pirzada is one of the many physicians across the country treating patients now totaling more than 215 with mysterious and life-threatening vaping-related illnesses this summer. The outbreak is becoming an epidemic, she said. Something is very wrong.

Health investigators are now trying to determine whether a particular toxin or substance has sneaked into the supply of vaping products, whether some people reused cartridges containing contaminants, or whether the risk stems from a broader behavior, like heavy e-cigarette use, vaping marijuana or a combination.

Mitch Smith contributed reporting from Chicago.

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How Can You Get Help

Consumers who suspect they have suffered a vaping related lung injury or respiratory illness should seek immediate medical attention.

Those seeking help to quit a vaping habit can find resources from various organizations online, including teen.smokefree.gov and truthinitiative.org.

Healthline recommends setting a date to quit and then going cold turkey, as researchers have said it proves more effective than gradually weaning off e-cigarettes. Nicotine replacement products, such as chewing gum and skin patches, are often helpful in breaking the cycle of vaping if nicotine is part of the addiction. Identify and avoid situations that trigger the desire to vape and avoid those if at all possible. Its also helpful to come up with a game plan for how to handle cravings.

Can You Get Pneumonia From Smoking Weed

Pulmonologists Explain How You Can Get Chemical Pneumonia ...


Ever since cannabis legalization began around the world, people have been debating whether cannabis use poses a threat to lung function and if it can increase the chances of getting lung cancer. And even though marijuana is used medicinally to treat certain conditions, can this plant actually cause health problems? And more specifically, can it cause pneumonia?

According to the American Thoracic Society, around 1 million adults are admitted to the hospital yearly and 50,000 die from the disease in the United States alone.

If you are interested in what recent studies say on the subject, read on. Well go into how marijuana affects the lungs, whether it can cause infections like pneumonia, and what symptoms you need to be on the lookout for.

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Mental Health Side Effects Of Vaping

When it comes down to it, the majority of the time, if your mental condition starts to become a problem or occur, there will more than likely be a trigger or a prompt that has brought it up. If you have depression and you see something that makes you upset, you will start getting depressed.

If you have anxiety and you start worrying about something, you could start having a panic attack. If you have PTSD and you remember something traumatic you could have flashbacks leading to the stress-induced attack.

When it comes to vaping, sometimes some of the side effects can be associated with some of the above and may act as a trigger for your condition. Another example of this could be the process of smoking and some of the physical elements it has such as the vapor. Let me explain this a little more with some examples below.

Vaping May Help Pneumonia

By Lisa Rapaport, Reuters Health

4 Min Read

– People who smoke e-cigarettes might have an increased risk of developing pneumonia because the vapor could help bacteria stick to cells lining the airways, a small experiment suggests.

Traditional cigarettes have long been linked to an increased risk of pneumonia, but its been less clear whether e-cigarettes might have the same effect.

To find out, researchers did a series of laboratory experiments to see whether exposure to e-cigarette vapor might increase levels of a molecule produced by airway lining cells, called platelet-activating factor receptor .

Pneumococcal bacteria use PAFR to help them adhere to airway cells.

First, the researchers exposed some human airway epithelial cells in culture dishes to e-cigarette vapor. Compared to cells that werent exposed, those that were had PAFR levels three times higher.

Then, they exposed mice to e-cigarette vapor and found higher PAFR production in the rodents who inhaled the fumes.

Finally, the researchers asked 17 people who were regular vapers to come smoke an e-cigarette in the lab. Compared with these participants PAFR levels measured before the vaping session, there was a three-fold increase in PAFR levels an hour after people smoked e-cigarettes.

The take-home message is that it is over-optimistic to assume that all of the adverse effects of cigarette smoking are reduced by switching to vaping, said senior study author Jonathan Grigg of Queen Mary University of London.

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Are There Any Benefits Of Vaping

While vaping is still unsafe, it may have benefits for some smokers who switch to e-cigarettes and stop smoking tobacco cigarettes.

One 2019 UK study of 114 adults published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found long-term smokers who switched to vaping improved blood vessel function. However, study authors couldnt say whether this benefit would be sustained long term.

In October 2021, the FDA authorized the marketing of three of R.J. Reynolds Vapor Companys Vuse e-cigarette products. The agency said it determined the products may help smokers quit or significantly reduce cigarette use. Despite this decision, the FDA maintains that e-cigarettes are not safe.

It does not mean these products are safe or FDA approved. All tobacco products are harmful and addictive and those who do not use tobacco products should not start, the agency said in a statement.

Why Are Lab Tests So Important

Why Vaping Is Bad For You

Lab tests are conducted to verify cannabinoid content, THC levels, residual solvents and contaminants. Always make sure theyre up to date and are from a credible lab. You might feel intimidated when looking at some of the technical data in the report. Dont worry, the THC and CBD levels are usually bold and easy to identify. You want to look for Max Active THC and Max Active CBD to determine the levels of THC and CBD. They are generally represented in mg per mL, mg per bottle, and as an overall percentage, which is useful for calculating dosages.

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Does Vaping Cause Lung Cancer

Sanja Jelic, MD, is board-certified in sleep medicine, critical care medicine, pulmonary disease, and internal medicine.

Vape pens, also known as electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes, have become increasingly common in the United States, especially among young people. Since 2014, they have surpassed cigarettes as the preferred tobacco product among middle and high school students.

This article discusses how vape pens work and the health risks, including lung cancer, associated with these products.

Is There A Link Between Vaping And Chemical Pneumonia

The flavor pods that are made for e-cigarettes include many different chemical substances that a user will inhale when using a vape pen. Some of those substances, such as diacetyl, have already been shown to cause scarring that leads to a condition known as popcorn lung.

Researchers have not yet fully connected chemical pneumonia with any specific vape substance, but anecdotal evidence suggests a causal connection. For example, in 2019, at least sixteen otherwise healthy individuals were hospitalized in Milwaukee after being diagnosed with chemical pneumonia. All sixteen of those individuals used some form of vape pen before contracting the illness.

Anyone diagnosed with chemical pneumonia after using a vape pen should retain all records of what vape products they used.

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A Possible Culprit Has Been Found In A Recent String Of Vaping

Save this to read later.

At least 39 people have died of a mysterious lung illness linked to e-cigarettes and approximately 2,050 people in 49 states have suffered vaping-related respiratory illnesses, including many teens and young adults who had to be hospitalized, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

On Nov. 8, the CDC announced a breakthrough in identifying the cause: Vitamin E acetate was found in all 29 samples of lung fluid tested from patients with vaping illness across 10 states.

These findings provide direct evidence of vitamin E acetate at the primary site of injury within the lungs, said Dr. Anne Schuchat, the CDCs principal deputy director, who called vitamin E acetate a very strong culprit behind the illnesses.

Vitamin E acetate is found in foods, supplements and cosmetic products like skin creams. But when inhaled, it may interfere with normal lung function, Dr. Schuchat said. Another CDC official described vitamin E acetate as enormously sticky and just like honey, when it goes into the lung. Vitamin E acetate is used as an additive in some vaping products.

The CDC cautioned, however, that there may be more than one cause of the outbreak and that it is investigating other substances as well. It continued to recommend that people refrain from using all e-cigarette or vaping products as the investigation continues.

Is there a secondhand impact?Potentially, although this hasnt been well studied.

Vaping And Lung Cancer

Can You Get Chemical Pneumonia From Vaping?

Cigarettes have been available in the U.S. since the 1800s, but it wasn’t until 1956 that the relationship between smoking and lung cancer was discovered. Since then, a significant body of research has found that there is a conclusive link between smoking and lung cancer.

Compared to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are relatively new, having gained popularity in the United States around 2007. E-cigarettes have been studied since their inception in the U.S., but more research is needed to understand the relationship between vaping and lung cancer.

Some of the chemicals found in e-cigarettes are known to cause cancer. The American Lung Association has outlined some of the most common chemicals found in e-cigarettes and their harmful effects.

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Risks Of Vaping Before Surgery

Vaping before surgery can increase the risk of complications, according to the American College of Surgeons. Expert panels from the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress 2020 urged patients to quit vaping before surgery.

Studies show smoking and vaping before an elective operation doubles the risk of postoperative pneumonia and increases the risk of a heart attack by 70%, Dr. Jonah Stulberg, a general surgeon and health services researcher at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, said in a statement at the 2020 Clinical Congress.

They added that smoking cigarettes, vaping and smoking marijuana can increase the risk of respiratory complications.

What Are The Symptoms Of Evali

Symptoms of EVALI are similar to those of the flu and other illnesses, making a diagnosis challenging for patient and doctor. People may confuse these symptoms with something else, like the flu, which is concerning, says Mona Awad, M.D., who has had patients with EVALI mistake the disease at first for a GI condition.

EVALI symptoms include:

  • Weight loss
  • Chest pain

Specifically, a hacking dry cough and shortness of breath can be two of the early signs of EVALI. It can be somebody who’s otherwise healthy and starts developing a shortness of breath with exertion, Dr. Awan says. Lets say youre a young teenager who can normally run a mile or two a day, but then you start developing shortness of breath walking a short distance.

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What Does Vaping Do To Your Lungs

By now, it seems pretty clear that using e-cigarettes, or vaping, is bad for your lungs. But research about exactly how vaping affects the lungs is in the initial stages, says Johns Hopkins lung cancer surgeon Stephen Broderick.

In the last 24 to 36 months, Ive seen an explosive uptick of patients who vape, reports Broderick. With tobacco, we have six decades of rigorous studies to show which of the 7,000 chemicals inhaled during smoking impact the lungs. But with vaping, we simply dont know the short- or long-term effects yet and which e-cigarette components are to blame.

Although theres no definitive answer at this point, experts do have a theory about how vaping harms lungs.

Secondhand Vapor Isnt Safe Either

Vaping / E-Cigarette Lung Illness Diagnosis & Treatment

Its a myth that secondhand emissions from e-cigarettes are harmless. Many people think the secondhand vapor is just water, but this couldnt be farther from the truth. The vapor emitted when someone exhales contains a variety of dangerous substances, which may include:

  • Nicotine
  • Diacetyl
  • Benzene

Although secondhand vapor may not affect the lungs the same way as vaping, it is better to avoid it, if possible.

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How Vaping Impacts Your Lungs

Some of the vaping products have vitamin E and other chemicals that can cause serious inflammation. Severe inflammation in the lungs can damage the lungs to the point that people can go into severe respiratory distress, and some of that can leave a permanent damage to the lung, said Dr. Faisal Khan, an independent interventional pulmonologist who chooses to practice at Franciscan Health.

Several substances found in vaping liquid or that are produced when e-cigarettes heat up the liquid are known to pose a risk to lungs.

These include:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Acrolein

These chemicals lead to the damage of the air sacs needed for oxygen exchange in the lungs and can cause acute inflammation or pneumonia.

Once those heated chemicals are inhaled, cells and cell production become damaged, lungs become inflamed and neutrophils, which are a type of white blood cell and help the body fight infection, become damaged, said Gayle Stinson, a respiratory therapist and tobacco treatment specialist at the Franciscan Healthy Living Center in Lafayette.

For persons with asthma and COPD, the risk of inflammation from these chemicals increase.

People who have lung disease, like asthma or COPD or fibrosis, should be really careful that they should do the maximum to make sure that the level of inflammation in their lungs is low, Dr. Khan said.

‘necrotizing Pneumonia’ May Be New Vaping Hazard

HealthDay Reporter

WEDNESDAY, March 4, 2020 — E-cigarettes were initially thought to be a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, but a recent outbreak of serious lung illnesses and deaths linked to the nicotine delivery devices called that belief into question.

Now, a new case report details another type of lung illness in a 15-year-old girl who regularly used e-cigarettes: necrotizing pneumonia.

Necrotizing pneumonia is an uncommon complication of pneumonia. It destroys areas of lung tissue, and can occur even if someone has been treated with antibiotics, according to a previous review in Biomed Central.

“It’s pretty unusual for a generally healthy person to get an invasive pneumonia like this, but not impossible,” said Dr. Ravi Kalhan, a professor of medicine and preventive medicine in the division of pulmonary and critical care medicine at Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. Kalhan was not involved in the current case, but is familiar with the new report.

He said experts can’t know for sure if vaping caused this particular illness, but animal studies have suggested impaired immune defenses in the lungs.

“The idea that in this case vaping created a setup for severe pneumonia in an individual is a reasonable hypothesis, but a single case does not prove it,” Kalhan said.

Research strongly suggests that an additive called vitamin E acetate, sometimes used in pot-laced vapes, may be triggering these illnesses.

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